Cani-Tabs® Digestive+

Palatable tablets

Nutritional Supplement Health Promoter and Gastrointestinal Function - Digestion Normalizer

Caninos Felinos


Commercial Presentation: Frasco x 100 tabletas, Frasco x 60 tabletas,

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Each tablet contains: Curcuma longa extract (turmeric) 30 mg, Cynara scolymus extract (artichoke) 30 mg, 5 mg acid protease, Lipase 3 mg, Amylase 2 mg, 3 mg cellulase, Niacinamide 9.8 mg, Manganese Sulfate 16.46 mg, Tryptophan 11.22 mg Excipients c.s.p 1 tablet


Nutritional and health supplement, promoter of gastrointestinal functioning, digestion normalizer. Indicated in gastric/intestinal dysfunctions, common digestive discomforts, heartburn, nausea and indigestion, and as a promoter of the digestion of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. The enzymes present in the formula contribute to the reduction of bad breath and flatulence, while promoting the absorption of nutrients. Its natural extracts activate liver function and secretions, regulating digestive enzymes and the secretion of bile and gastric acid.

Dosage and Administration

Daily oral supplement. Due to its high palatability, it can be administered directly, before meals or by disintegrating them and mixing them with them. Canines: dogs weighing up to 5 kg: 1-2 tablets daily. Dogs from 5 to 25 kg: 3-4 tablets daily. Dogs weighing more than 25 kg: 5-6 tablets daily as a maximum dose. Felines: 1 tablet daily for every 2 kg of weight