Cani-Tabs® Repro+

Palatable tablets

Nutritional Supplement Promoter of Reproductive Health and Fertility

Caninos Felinos


Commercial Presentation: Frasco x 100 tabletas, Frasco x 60 tabletas,

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Cada tableta contiene: Vitamina E 6.6 mg, Selenio 25 mg, Acido Fólico 0.7 mg, Niacinamida 6.12 mg, Arginina 13.47 mg, Histidina 13.47 mg, soleucina 13.47 mg
Valina 13.47 mg Excipientes c.s.p 1 tableta


Nutritional supplement recommended for promotion of the development, health and proper functioning of the reproductive system as well as adequate fertility. In bitches and cats: Strengthens the health of the female, contributing to adequate heat, supporting fetal development and lactation. In dogs and cats: As a support for sperm concentration and viability. Optimizes reproductive performance in older dogs or in dogs with limited sexual function.

Dosage and Administration

"Daily oral supplement. Due to its high palatability, it can be administered directly, before meals or by disintegrating them and mixing them with them. Canines: dogs weighing up to 5 kg: 1-2 tablets daily. Dogs from 5 to 25 kg: 3-4 tablets daily. Dogs weighing more than 25 kg: 5-6 tablets daily as a maximum dose. Felines: 1 tablet daily for every 2 kg of weight"