Feli-Tabs® Daily All in One

Palatable tablets

Integral Nutritional Supplement for Cats



Commercial Presentation: Frasco x 100 tabletas, Frasco x 60 tabletas,

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Vitamins A, D3, C, E, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B12 and B9 (in total premix of 33.34 mg), Dicalcium phosphate 200.9 mg, Taurine 20 mg, L-Lysine HCl 10 mg, Magnesium Oxide 11,397 mg, Zinc Oxide 8,257 mg, Ferrous Sulfate 1,050 mg, Manganese Sulfate 3,293 mg, Copper sulfate 0.833 mg Excipients c.s.p 1 tablet


Highly digestible nutritional supplement, with vitamins, minerals and amino acids for cats and kittens that require a balanced contribution or an extra contribution of vitamins, minerals, lysine and taurine in their diet. Recommended in growing animals, during pregnancy, lactation, and periods of stress, in competition animals, geriatric animals, patients in postoperative stages convalescence, and as an adjuvant in infectious (bacterial or viral) and parasitic diseases, inflammatory processes, weakened and/or anorexic animals, among others.

Dosage and Administration

1 tablet daily for every 2 kg of weight